About the artist

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James Eugene is a native of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the founder of NeoArtStyleDesign. His digital work as well as traditional art is about communication and transition. However, the ultimate goal of his work is to bring all people together. He considers himself to be an entrepreneur, visual artist, Web designer, writer, and teacher.

After graduating from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, he was selected to illustrate his first book. His first work was a children’s book about 100 inventors. After he completed his first book project, he took the time to expand his artistic skills from creating oil paintings to illustrating science fiction covers. James received a fellowship from the New Jersey Council of the Arts from the governor of New Jersey. He used the funds from that grant project to create a collection of works that patrons can see on display at his many art shows. The aesthetic quality from that collection is the cornerstone of his current art style. James went on to attend and graduate from the Atlanta College of Art, and has been one of the most sought after illustrators in the southeast.

Currently James is working as an freelance Illustrator, digital media designer, and photographer. As a professional artist, he has illustrated for audiences that include corporate businesses, churches, and community organizations. However, his versatility as an artist has helped him to branch out from traditional mediums and expand his work for different audiences. James’s work can also be found on covers of music CDs, popular clothing lines, and sports memorabilia. James lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, and he spends his spare time organizing arts shows, writing, and designing. His current projects include 2 seperate 2D projects (including his own), illustrating a children’s book series, writing a screenplay, designing an independent apparel line, creating a line of limited edition prints, and producing games & graphic novels for iPad platforms.


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